Grants Made By The IBBS

Grants and Visits

The Committee of Management is made up of Members working or retired from the brewing and distilling industries.  They regularly visit recipients of the Society and report their well-being at the Committee of Management Meetings which are held quarterly. The Society either awards regular quarterly grants on “one off” payments for essential items.

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The Walter Finch Memorial Fund

This is an annual Award made at Christmas time at the discretion of the Committee in the Memory of Walter Finch who was one of the founders of the Society and its first Chairman.  He died on 13th March 1921 and full details are given the in History. 

IBBS Educational Bursary Scheme

The IBBS is delighted to announce that in addition to its existing important work of looking after individuals in need it is introducing a new Bursary Scheme. The new Bursary will offer support to those in the brewing and distilling industries in the UK and Ireland looking to gain professional qualifications.

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The Incorporated Brewers Benevolent Society is a Charity registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Its Objectives are:

“The Society is established for the benevolent or charitable purposed of providing by voluntary contributions primarily for the relief or maintenance of any persons in the United Kingdom or Eire employed or formerly employed in the brewing profession and the dependents of such persons provided that in each case the Committee of the Society shall be satisfied that financial hardship exists.”

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Committee Members:

Chairman:Mr Nigel Fitch
Vice Chairman:Mr Robert Knox
Treasurer:Mr Ian Swanson
Trustees:Mr Ken Don
 Mr Hugh Smith
Secretary:Mrs Julie Carling
Committee Members: Mr Rob Davies
 Mr Ron Duszanskyj
 Mr Derek Prentice
 Ms Breda Tanner